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Gearing Up for the General Elections


by SJ Echo


WITH talk of the looming 13th General Elections being called anytime soon, Subang Jaya is now experiencing a rise in temperature (apart from the heat wave we are experiencing now) on both sides of the community political divide. At the coffee shops, banks, markets and sidewalks, everyone’s sharing their two cents worth of when they think the dissolution of Parliament will be announced by Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak. SJ Echo caught up with Subang Jaya State Assemblyman Hannah Yeoh and Federal Government appointed coordinator for Kelana Jaya Constituency Ong Chong Swen on what lies ahead for the Parliamentary Constituency of Kelana Jaya which has DUN Subang Jaya and DUN Seri Setia under it.


AT the top of Ong Chong Swen’s mind is the need to speed up the approval for the construction of the Government Clinic and also a 1Malaysia Clinic to serve the people of Subang Jaya.

“This is my priority irrespective of whether I stay on or am no longer the coordinator for this parliamentary constituency.  Everything about the Government clinic has not been progressing since 2008.”

“I had the opportunity to pursue the matter with Health Minister Dato Seri Liow Tiong Lai in 2009 and have been pursuing the construction of the facility since,” she said, adding that RM33mil had been allocated under the 10th Malaysia Plan for the purpose.

Ong said land the size of 4acres or more was needed to build the hospital (under Klinik Kesihatan III category which can take in 500 patients daily) and have more room for expansion into a bigger hospital which can cater to 1,000 patients daily (under Kilinik Kesihatan II).

“I have also been pushing for the 1Malaysia Clinic because it can serve people from 10am to 10pm daily. RM200,000 has been parked to kick off this clinic and we have already identified the location for this to be set up,” she said.

According to Ong, the pioneers of Subang Jaya who had moved in more than 40 years ago are now senior citizens in the community. The needs of this group of residents needed to be taken care of especially in healthcare and facilities.

“I am willing to put our political differences aside and work to bring more benefits to the people of Subang Jaya. This is home for me and has been for more than 20 years. I want a muhibbah kampong environment irrespective of our education background, religion, race or political ideologies,” she said, adding that both sides of the political divide can achieve their goals for a better Subang Jaya together minus personal attacks and by putting into place a respectful, fair and also clean administration.

Ong said most of Subang Jaya’s infrastructure was in place and it was now time, in her opinion, to focus on cultivating the cultural and human values.

“We need to help society get its grip back on social values in this materialistic era. It is important for us to protect our social values.”

“The success we achieve in Subang Jaya will reflect the success of the people of this constituency,” she added.

Ong said one of her goals was to establish a cultural centre in Subang Jaya to provide the opportunity for hidden talents in the community to emerge.

“We spend too much time on the computer and mobile phones. Establishing a cultural centre will give our children the opportunity to develop their talents from young. Funding to establish this can be found,” she said.

Security and fighting crime is also at the top of Ong’s mind. For her, crime and security is everyone’s concern and this is why she is working with the police on the matter.

“Many incidences have gone unreported because some feel it is too small to lodge a report with the police without realising that every report counts in compiling crucial data to identify crime hot spots for intervention.”

Keeping healthy amidst all the hustle and bustle of daily demands has also come to Ong’s mind. She wants to encourage cycling as a means of exercise and also as an alternative to our means of transportation within the community.

“I want to encourage town cycling amongst residents. It means that MPSJ has to look into how to provide cycling friendly lanes instead of widening roads for cars.”

“Yes, the weather may be too hot for cycling but we can encourage more trees to be planted along the route to reduce the heat, can’t we?”

On her annual allocation provided by the Prime Minister’s Department, Ong said she received an annual sum of RM300,000 which is shared out to meet the needs of the two State constituencies under the zone – Subang Jaya and Seri Setia.

“The allocation is used to disburse for programs organised by the community, NGOs, schools and special cases. Everything is recorded and recipients are also required to provide proof of their needs and use of the funds.”

In concluding, Ong said she wants to work for a better Malaysia which is crime free, corruption free and a better place for everyone.

“I promise that we will work not only for today but for a better tomorrow,” she said.

On her plans for the General Election, Ong said no decision had yet been made on her candidacy.







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