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Tuesday May 1, 2012

Kelana Jaya MCA to the aid of red IC holders


 A group of individuals thanked the Kelana Jaya MCA for its efforts in helping them apply for permanent residency and citizenship.

Tan Boon Huat, 53, said a friend advised him to seek help from Kelana Jaya MCA.

“I am hopeful that they will be able to help me in getting my citizenship,” said Tan, who was born in Singapore to Malaysian parents.

He moved to Sabah at the age of seven and received his identity card at 12. Since then, he has applied for citizenship twice but was unsuccessful. The father of three is hopeful that he will be granted citizenship.

Glad to help: (From left) Ong and Wa sharing the good news with the Wongs and Sim.

“I work in the manufacturing industry and as the company has overseas offices, I am required to travel from time to time.

“However, my status as a non-citizen has made it difficult for me to obtain a visa. Countries like Vietnam and Taiwan are strict in having foreigners adhere to their requirements.”

Kelana Jaya MCA has been working closely with the Home Ministry, through Daniel Wa Wai How who is special assistant to Deputy Home Minister Datuk Lee Chee Leong.

Wa said they helped the applicants because they fulfilled the criteria.

“Through various roadshows organised by the ministry, we are able to reach out to those who need our assistance,” he said.

Denise Yi Mei Amber, 22, was born to a German father and Malaysian mother.

Her mother, Ann Lee, has applied for permanent resident status for Denise and Denise’s sister since they were in kindergarten but has not been successful.

“It is a hassle when I have to leave the country every three months. I have been looking for a job here but have not been able to secure one because I am not Malaysian. I want to be a Malaysian and I want to stay and work here,” said Denise.

Ann’s other daughter is 25 years old and works in Abu Dhabi.

Wong Sin Ho and his wife are thankful for the positive outcome of their adopted six-year-old daughter’s citizenship application.

“I had tears in my eyes when we got the news. My daughter can now go to school. She could not before as we were unable to register her,” said the proud father.

Hopeful: Tan explaining how his status as a noncitizen affects his work.

Wa advised couples who were keen to adopt to go through the proper channel. Go to the Social Welfare Department instead of dealing with some middlemen.

“The procedures will be made clear to them and the parents-to-be will be guided by the law accordingly,” he said.

The happiest in the group was Sim Soon Leng. Having gone through trying times, he finally got his identity card last year.

“Being on the road was not something I looked forward to. I would become anxious each time I encountered a roadblock,” he said.

Sim was in fact arrested and jailed for three-and-a-half months in 2009, having been unable to produce his identity card. He was also fined RM3,500.

He is glad that he attended the ministry’s roadshow in Serdang.

“Before, I had difficulty getting a work permit as well as medical attention from the government hospital. Life is easier now, thanks to Datuk Lee and Daniel. I am grateful for their help,” he added.

Kelana Jaya MCA chairman Ong Chong Swen said getting an identity card and obtaining citizenship was a lengthy and tedious process.

“It requires time and effort. We would like to help those in need, we do not just give lip service,” he said.

Tan said he had travelled to many countries, but they were not as good as Malaysia.

“The weather here is just nice and compared with those places, the living standard is much better here. I love Malaysia,” he said.




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